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"House of the Wind", 2017

For the festival "Light Nights in Gatchina"
Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast
Media artist: Anna Martynenko
Architects: Natalia Krymskaya, Anastasia Krasikova
Sound-design: Daniil Koronkevich, Daniil Grigoriev

"House of the Wind" explores the collision of the ephemeral and the mundane. The pure energy of the wind confronts the deliberate form of the house. A person engages with the wind and feels its fluctuations.

The house is like a simple picture painted with light across a dark park. The wind blows through the frame. The design of the house is controlled by the wind. The house has two wind sensors, one on the ridge beam, the other on one of the vertical beams. The wireframe glows with pulsating lights that can be influenced by visitors. Anyone can blow on the sensor through a special hole and the light lines will begin to overflow and create a light wave. A sensor installed on the ridge beam of the house picks up a direct wind signal that affects the overall glow of the house (light brightness). When connected, two signals create the bigger picture. You can immerse yourself in the life of the wind, feel its jumps and vibrations inside a multi-channel installation in the center of the house. Receiving an active dynamic signal (human breath), the sound "runs" through the house, creating a three-dimensional picture.