Anna Martynenko

"15 Degree Angle Opening", 2018

Curated by Irina Aksenova
FFTN Gallery, St. Petersburg

Distance sensors are located along the wall on the touchpad. A person can control the pitch and volume of sounds by moving hands and with body motions. You can bring your hand close to the sensor to make the sound louder. Each sensor has its own pitch. Depending on how people are located in the space, a specific type of the wave is formed. The wave rises where there is a person, and if no one is physically present in the space the sound fades out.

The wave is projected onto the opposite wall. The shape of the wave characterizes the sound. The more people gather, the more complex sounds evolve. When no one is in the space, there is silence, which is projected on the wall as a line. The presence of a person in the space affects sound and video. The only way to hide and stop influencing the algorithm is to get out of the space.