Anna Martynenko

“We Can See Your Hearing“, 2019

in collaboration with the Institute’s laboratories and scientists Varvara Semenova, Lidia Shestopalova, Ekaterina Petropavlovskaya for the “New Anthropology” project
Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Koltushi, Leningrad Oblast

The object is dedicated to scientific graphics on sound and experiments carried out in the Auditory Physiology Lab of Pavlov Institute of Physiology. A box of slides found in the lab became a subject of research. You can read the name of a professor

Yakov Abramovich Altman on the lid, who has initiated the forward-thinking research and has been leading the laboratory for many years. The slides date back to the pre-computer era between 1970 and 1990. The variety of slides can tell a lot about the projects which were launched in the laboratory. You can select any slide and, by pressing the button, view the encoded information. In addition, you can hear the real sounds of historical experiments.