Anna Martynenko

“Order of Things”, 2019–2021

Composite panel 30x42cm, direct print, found object, microelectronics

The project explores the relationship between the physical world and the world of information. Various found objects, used in the work, become sources of information about themselves. Their physical properties, such as their surface area, grayness, number of vertices and dimensions of the sides, are indicated in charts and drawings. Sound also becomes a source of information about the nature of the material. The objects of the analogue world become donors used for the purposes of extracting and expanding information, which becomes something more real than the actual object.

photo by Alexandra Kokacheva

видео работы объекта "Пакетик"

видео работы объекта "Маленький металл"

“Yuryevets. Order of Things”, 2020
Works of art, created for the exhibition “Contemplators of the sun“ from objects, which were found in town Yuryevets