Anna Martynenko

“Roses of Donbas”,2019

curator Alexanra Ominina
For "Winter Seedling. Selection of a Breeder"
Gromov Palace Of Culture, Saint-Petersburg
1100х700х1650 mm, steel, electronic components

“Little roses” is a code word for artillery traces and exploded gun barrels. This name unfolds external resemblance to rosebuds in their conical shape and centric composition. This metaphor is literally embodied in the exhibition even if the project is an example of a scientific approach. Little roses grow on metal stems, with their buds shaped as real bombshell traces found in the city of Enakievo, Donetsk region.

The rose pattern itself is a subject for independent research. Cross-sections of the traces reveal the striking resemblance to rosebuds. Everyone can find practical information about the traces in speakers. A light indicator shows which little rose is being described at every given moment.

Проект дополнен зином, который создан в 2021 году. В нем можно найти фотографию стены, на которой расцвели розочки, сделанную в 2016 году, а также фотографию этой же стены, сделанную в 2021 году.