Anna Martynenko

“Topophones of the City”, 2019

curator Maria Turkina,
near the Alebashevo Lake, Tumen

Topophones are designed to analyze places with sounds, which they amplify according to directions they channel. The background noise, we are used to, becomes distinguishable. We can hear birds singing, people talking, car passing by in the distance, as if they are very close. The three topophones are installed in different places around the lake.

The first one is located on a path along the lake, close to the water. It is directed towards the road, capturing sounds of the traffic and the city. The second topophone, the closest to the lake, picks up water sounds the best. The third one channels forest sounds from a place further down the path. Everyone can explore all three topophones and choose a specific soundscape in an opened location.

Photos by Alexandra Kokacheva