Anna Martynenko

“465 of Sounds”, 2020

curator Lizaveta Matveeva
For personal exhibition of Olga Moiseeva "My Spaces Are Fregile",
Navicula Artis gallery

The artist connects graphical symbols created by Moiseeva with generated sound, making her analog paintings a part of a computer algorithm — as a way to systemize the relationship between the visual and the aural. Sound becomes a reflection of the painting as it maintains the same parameters as the works of Moiseeva.

The artist carefully examines the gray dots on the canvas, using a complex approach and visualizing the data in charts. These charts, resembling hand-made punched cards, keep the data for all 465 symbols, which generate sound. The height of the symbol affects the duration of the sound. Other coordinates convert harmonic sound vibrations in sinusoidal waves creating a unique wave shape for each sound.