Anna Martynenko

Ground & Underground, 2022

Point of Walk exhibition curated by Nadia Koldaeva and others, Ground-Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

The project created by artist Anna Martynenko is a walking tour: anyone is invited to take a zine and walk through the points of the sound route around the gallery. A person in the modern city often moves along trajectories determined by his or her daily tasks. The artist hacks into this habitual pattern ironically calling her project "a manipulation-walk". The prescribed route in this case becomes just an attention-controlling tool, an opportunity to find space for the unpredetermined.

At points along the route, the participant will be able to focus on sounds: people's footsteps, the tinkling of keys, the sound of a bouncing ball, and more, such as the splashing of the water of the underground river Rachka, which was piped under Kitay-Gorod district back in the 18th century. Changing the mode of perception will allow the sound layers of the city to manifest themselves, and for every one of the participants this auditory performance will be unique. Listeners will be invited to make marks in the zine, as in a workbook or observation diary: to register and measure the sounds of the city, thereby discovering the reality that often eludes us and ourselves in it.

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