Anna Martynenko

“Панграмма", 2022

An interactive installation curated by Alisa Nikolaeva

A pangram (Greek - "all letters") is a short text that uses all or almost all letters of an alphabet, if possible without repetition. One of the most common pangrams in Russian is Съешь ещё этих мягких французских булок, да выпей же чаю ("Eat more of these soft French loaves and drink a tea"). The project presents a small collection of voices that pronounce the same morphemes. The voices are embodied in sculptural form. The voices can now be touched. Sound was translated into sculpture based on the following parameters: volume affects the size of the object, timbre affects the texture (roughness, lumpiness, smoothness), pitch affects the ornateness of the shape ("rayiness" of the objects), voice range affects the difference in height of the rays, etc.

Each viewer can see on the screen what form his or her voice turns into - to do this, you can say a phrase into a microphone and have it visualized by a computer algorithm specially created for the exhibition.

Sound Programming by Daniel Koronkevich

Collection of voices


listen to the voice


listen to the voice


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listen to the voice


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