Anna Martynenko

Promenaders, 2022

laboratory for teenagers, curator Yulia Machevskaya, Memorial Workshop M.K.Anikushin (branch of the Museum of Urban Sculpture), St. Petersburg

What does the city sound like? What does it feel like? What can be found underfoot? What words surround us everywhere?

In the creative laboratory we explored the city and our sensations. We walked around accompanied by artist Anya Martynenko, drew sound maps, made casts of surfaces, read inscriptions, took photos and studied found objects.

As a result, we collected our impressions and made a booklet with a route around the Petrograd side. The booklet is available to visitors of the exhibition at the Anikushin Workshop "Sense of the City".

The laboratory session took place from October 29 to November 20, 2022.

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