Anna Martynenko

Fluent Flow, 2023

as a part of "The River" project,
St. Petersburg

This is a walk to the river with a countdown to the point when life came out of the water. The sounds of fish, the clicks of mollusks, the horns and bristles of underwater insects preceded the formation of the vocal apparatus we now use to communicate. How did sounds changed, how did life underwater sound, did speech flow?

During the walk scientific texts about the vocal apparatus became the speech current, the voices of birds and people merged into a bee swarm, and tubercles, spines, ribs and bristles became full participants in the action.

Anna Martynenko's walking tour was created with the participation of the residents of Studio No.6 of the Interdistrict Department of Mental Health Clinic No.6. In the studio's ceramics workshop, ceramic objects were created to produce a chattering sound at the last point of the walking tour.

To complete the walking tour by yourself, see instructions on the project website:

photo Paul Antick